The participants built teams and employed a process to develop solutions to a challenge related to digitalisation and circular, secure and resource-efficient material flows in the construction sector. The entire process was coached by experienced innovation and process leaders whose intention was to guide the teams in the desired direction. Participants also had the opportunity to draw inspiration and knowledge from innovation leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers who visited the five lab sessions.

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Why conduct an innovation contest?

The contest enabled the participants to collaborate with individuals from other organisations with a clear forward-thinking mindset. It was a chance to develop personally as well as an excellent opportunity to network. The participants were involved in devising business innovations to meet the challenge:
“Create circular and secure material flows and reduce emissions in construction projects using digital technology while maintaining or improving the functionality of the end product.”

During the contest, the participants had the opportunity to practice a methodology for innovation and building relationships within the sector and between sectors. The goal was for all the participants to benefit in their professional roles from the lessons learned and the expanded network.

How was the innovation contest conducted?

The innovation contest was conducted during five so-called “labs” that took place in different locations around Sweden and as digital workshops. A lab is a conference and meeting place that lasts for one to two days. During the labs, inspirational lectures were alternated with education, training and work with the innovation concepts. The contest participants had to put their everyday work tasks aside and focus wholeheartedly on innovation, learning and creation.

How long did the innovation contest last?

The innovation contest began with an initial lab on 5-6 December 2019 and lasted until summer 2020. The final was held in September 2020 and the prize for the winning team is to present their concept at Expo 2020 in Dubai in autumn 2021.

Who were the participants in the innovation contest?

The contest was attended by professionals from the built environment sector, academia and other sectors with which the built environment sector has the knowledge and experience to collaborate. The participants included project managers, technology experts, researchers, system developers, business developers and business unit managers. The contestants were employed in a variety of roles to ensure that dynamic and creative processes were created. The participating organisations that were represented are engaged in driving the transformation to sustainable built environment.