What is Smart Built Environment?

Smart Built Environment will pave the way for the built environment sector to step into a digital world where information flows seamlessly to create new business models, better quality, lower costs and increased profitability for society, companies and users alike.

A Strategic Innovation Programme

The built environment sector is Sweden’s largest single sector and impacts our entire society, but it is currently a fragmented sector with a large number of stakeholders and processes. The aims of this programme are to take a holistic approach to the opportunities that digitalisation can bring, and to catalyze the dissemination of new opportunities and business models across the sector. Current initiatives need to be co-ordinated, complemented and scaled up. The programme also ensures the commitment and support of public sector stakeholders, as well as the long-term government investment that is a prerequisite for success.

Our overall goals
  • Circular resource management and more efficient processes in regard to/in terms of time and cost – from planning to long-term maintenance and management

  • Built environment quality has been advanced and is characterised by functional durability, aesthetic design, longevity and robustness

  • Contribute demonstrably and demonstrably to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with/pursuant to Sweden’s climate targets for 2030

  • More new value chains and new business logic based on life cycle perspectives, platforms and new stakeholder constellations

Uninterrupted flow of information

A shared information infrastructure is the key to successful change. An uninterrupted flow of information with business applications in BIM, GIS and industrialised processes creates benefits for companies, consumers and society. Some countries including Sweden are already committed to integrating BIM and GIS. The unique feature of this programme is the integration of BIM, GIS and Industrialised Construction, which increases our capacity to leverage all the possibilities of digitalisation as well as to tackle the pressing challenges of society.

Programme activities encompass research, development and innovation, and deal with the digital infrastructure, applications and implementation in companies. The programme will create new knowledge, skills, services and products.

Based on a strategic innovation agenda

The programme is based on a joint nationally-established strategic innovation agenda. The success of the programme has been guaranteed by the unique way that sector stakeholders have united behind the initiative. About 100 businesses and organizations participate actively in and/or fund projects, activities and open calls. New stakeholders are also welcome during the entire programme duration.

One of Swedens Strategic Innovation Programs

Smart Built Environment is one of Sweden's 17 Strategic Innovation Programs, with funding from Vinnova (Sweden's innovation agency), The Swedish Energy Agency and Formas (Swedish government research council for sustainable development).

All Innovation Programs work together in areas that are strategically important for Sweden and shall contribute to creating sustainable solutions to global societal challenges and increased international competitiveness. The Swedish government invests a total of eight billion SEK for the programs that can receive funding for up to twelve years (i.e. until 2028), with business and other actors mirroring this investment.